How to Choose Dye for a Carpet

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cat and carpet

Most dwellings have carpets for a variety of reasons, however, in all instances, they have to be kept looking neat and clean. This is really because, usually, the rug is one of the main focal point in any room. This is a lot like the walls or the bigger furniture. If the rug does not look attractive, then it can throw off the visual aspect of the whole room.

cat and carpetOne way to keep your rugs looking marvelous is to maintain them by cleaning them on a regular basis. This includes not only vacuuming them fairly often, but also using other methods such as steam cleaning and freshening. However, after having a carpet for so long, there is no amount of cleaning and brushing that will make the color of your rug as bright as when you first bought it once it begins to fade. This is when it is indispensable to know how to dye your carpet.

The very first step you need to take when you are thinking about dying your rug is to figure out what type of fibers were used to make the carpet. This is because some fibers can be dyed easily, while others cannot. There are specific kinds of dyes made for the various materials that rugs are made out of, and it is crucial to purchase the right kind of dye. If you are having a hard time trying to figure out what your carpet is made from, it is best to call a professional to be certain.

When you are choosing colors for your carpet, it is best to go with a color that is a shade darker than the original color of your rug. Keep in mind that depending on which color you choose, it may blend with the original color of the carpet and will produce an entirely new color carpet. For example, if the original color of your carpet was red, and you decide to use blue dye, you will end up with a purple carpet. When deciding on a color, it is also a brilliant idea to take into account the colors that would match with the interior design of the room.

No matter how hard you try to maintain your rugs, it is inevitable that someday the colors will begin to fade. While you can go out and purchase a new carpet, it is much more inexpensive to dye the rugs yourself. When purchasing dye, be certain to keep these main points in mind.

How to clean rugs and carpets

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There are a number of places in your home where a rug can be a great addition and these rugs and carpets are now available in a variety of different colors to perfectly match with your existing décor and also to compliment it in the best possible way. Compared to the real life stores purchasing area rugs online is more often than not a better option. Web sites selling these commodities can help you to narrow down your search depending upon criteria like size, shape, color, material and many others and finding the best rug within an affordable budget is only a matter of time with them.

Interior decorators often insist on having a center point in every room and you can certainly bring that into focus with meticulously chosen traditional area rugs. A startling variety of elegant, formal, semi-formal and casual type area rugs can be found online available against reasonable prices. But while purchasing a rug it is not the price that is the only deciding factor. A great furnishing must have a good quality rug to properly compliment it. The extensive variety of their availability is certainly one of the major benefits that made many people to buy area rugs online and if haven’t looked there you are certainly missing a few extraordinary options. You can buy area rugs for virtually any room in your home and with a good choice you can certainly make your home look a lot better and more attractive.

Carpets and rugs are always a superb addition to your home always offering that extra level of comfort and just like the rugs now you can buy carpets online too. You will find that contemporary carpets are available in a variety of different styles and finding a style that suits your personality and also compliments the interior is of primary priority. The material of which the carpet is made is another important factor. Different materials require different types of maintenance and cleaning methods. Maintenance of carpets, especially wool carpets can be pretty grueling and if you have opted to invest in a good quality carpet also spend some more to provide it with a good padding to prevent early wear and tear.

For centuries carpets have played a dominant role in interior decoration and antique carpets are still in high demand. The classical dimension that they can add to an interior is truly extraordinary. While looking for carpets keep in mind that different rooms have different requirements and living room carpets are expected to be different from the bedroom carpets. Take your time to find the one you like the most and add some elegant comfort to your living conditions.

Tips To Wash Delicate Rugs

Washing the rugs sounds like a lousy job, but nonetheless, you should face it sometime or other if you have rugs decorating your hall or bedroom. Ordinary rugs made of wool or cotton can be washed in machines but make sure to turn their settings to a gentle washing mode. Avoid dryer as far as possible. You can dry ordinary rugs under mild sun. But if it is an expensive hand-woven rug then keep it away from sunlight. Do not use strong detergents to wash your rugs. Instead of detergents, you can make use of white vinegar and soap to gently wash off any dust or stains.


Something for the minds

Kid’s Rugs

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Those that are looking to include a great deal of enjoyable to their youngster’s room should take into consideration the addition of youngster’s carpets. There are some actually incredible selections of rugs available that your children will certainly love. No matter if they are merely babies or a blossoming teen; they will enjoy having a great looking space to call their very own. It used to be that several moms and dads simply left their carpets on the floor of these spaces to offer enough convenience and also extra padding. But, today, adding an enjoyable area rug to the space includes a lot more measurement, character and makes their area, well, more like their own area! Naturally, you can additionally purchase rug for kid’s game rooms or simply for the location of the residence that they have the tendency to play in.

There are several things that you should take into consideration, however, when you purchase a children rug. You do not intend to merely go out as well as simply choose one up. You should think about several aspects concerning the room, the carpeting and also your child prior to you do so to guarantee that you are making a wise investment. Here are some tips to help you to make the best option.

– Get the size right. One of the greatest mistakes that individuals tend to make when acquiring any rug is presuming that they recognize something that the best size for the carpet they need is. The goal is not to think about it in any way however to obtain out a faucet procedure and take some measurements. In a child’s space, you might need to acquire an off dimension or something that is large enough to fit under their furniture. Getting the size right is your initial step to finding the best area rug.
– Next, take into consideration the color. If you are making your child’s room from the ground up, you may wish to begin with the area rug. In a lot of cases, your kid will discover as well as fall in love with the area rugs. They come in many different colors and patterns that it is very easy to truly delight in one or the other. You must consider the color design of your room in addition to the patterns in the rug. If the area rug will have butterflies on it, including butterflies to the space’s design functions well.
– Your child’s tastes. One of the fundamentals of embellishing a child’s area is to make it his space. That implies taking note of things that he actually likes and including them to his area. The remainder of the house is yours to embellish, yet a youngster’s area should claim something about them. If they have a favored style, such as autos and also trucks, you will find a great quantity of area rugs for this. You can even try to find the youngster’s preferred cartoon personalities as a number of them are offered on area rugs.
– Educational alternatives. Some of those that are wanting to add rug to their child’s area wish to include an academic component to them. This is an outstanding means to show them something without them truly realizing that is just what you are up to. It’s simple with all the choices that you have also. Rug are available in a wide range of themes such as ABC‘s as well as counting, room, or even those that teach things like discussing and relationship. This is a wonderful means to add a motif to a space that is still enjoyable and educational at the same time.
– Top quality. There are numerous things to consider when it pertains to the top quality of the rug that you will put into your kid’s area. To begin with, youngsters are rugged and difficult along with being untidy. The rug that you buy must be able to take exactly what your kid can toss at it. Take into consideration the pile of the rug as well. This is the height of the carpet’s fibers. Longer will supply a thicker, a lot more effect resistant surface area for falls and also bumps. Take into consideration the product. Those that are washable are an exceptional choice right here. They ought to be comfortable as well.

Maintaining all of these points in mind is vital to supplying your child with a child’s carpet that is perfect for them. Currently, the greater in high quality that the rug is, the a lot more costly it is most likely to be. However, you could still gain from the greatest in top quality. That’s since a top quality product will certainly last much longer as well as take even more of a beating. If the carpet supplies a smile to your youngster’s face, that makes it a lot more advantageous to your demands.

Take your time when choosing the best rug for your child’s bed room or his playroom. The rug could add to the enjoyable of his area along with the character it has. He will certainly enjoy it if you take merely a few additional minutes to locate the best carpet for his space.

Perfect Rug

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perfect rug

If you have lovely wood, marble, or slate floorings, you most likely wish to see to it they stay gorgeous. Area rugs are a terrific way to secure floorings without covering them up completely. Obviously, rug can be so pretty as well as ornamental that some individuals also use them in an area that has wall surface to wall surface carpeting so they could include some attractive touches to the room. You could locate the perfect rug for any type of enhancing style.

perfect rugFor a nation style space, a braided rug is the best option. Although it has a country feel, an oblong pigtail carpet is likewise a little sophisticated. Cautious vacuuming is a should with this sort of rug, since a powerful vacuum cleaner can loosen up the threads that hold the pigtails together. For a really informal country style room, the dustcloth carpet is perfect. Many cloth carpets are device cleanable. Nevertheless, if you can just shake out the dust as well as prevent washing the rug, you will certainly assist it last much longer.

If you are searching for a carpet that goes well with an official decoration, you could choose an Asian rug. You could locate these plush, gorgeous rugs in geometric styles, yet flower designs are likewise typical. True Oriental rugs require unique treatment. You ought to not vacuum them or clean them without checking out the treatment tag on your carpet. If there is not a treatment tag, you might intend to take your rug to an expert carpet cleaner as opposed to running the risk of cleansing your rug in the incorrect means.

Eastern passionate rooms typically look terrific with an area rug made from natural fibers, such as sisal or hemp. These carpets are typically a neutral tan color, although some are dyed with brilliant different colors. Caring for carpets made with natural fibers is basic. You could merely tremble your rug bent on get rid of dust as well as particles. If the carpet is soiled, you may be tempted to use soap and also water to get rid of the discolor. However, water will simply make a bigger stain. Instead, you must utilize an unique cleaner that is created to be made use of on rugs made with all-natural fibers.

Lastly, if none of these rug is best for you, you may intend to look at woven carpets. You can find these carpets in strong shades, uplifting striped patterns, or in strong geometric styles. They look right at home in living room, youngsters’s bedrooms, or kitchen areas.

Top Things When Shopping for Homes For Sale

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When you are in the verge of buying your home from your selected homes for sale listings, you should always spend enough time contemplating on several factors. One of the main things that you should think about wisely is the location of your new home, right? Choosing between a home in the suburb or one within the city is always part of the usual factors to be considered when choosing the real estate property to buy. This article will provide you with some of the things that you need to focus on in case you decide to buy a home in the city (Larry Brown Realtors).

Things to Take Into Account When Buying Residential Real Estate in the City

Higher demand but limited supply contributes to the value increase of your real estate asset

When buying a home in the city, you should take some time studying and researching about areas or communities within the city where demand is evidently high but there are just few homes for sale available. Geography is one factor that would suggest the likelihood of higher demands for real estate properties. Most of the time, areas in the city that are near beaches is a factor that contributes to higher real estate value of homes.

Concentrate on buying homes for sale in nice locations instead of considering to work on renovations for your old home

Generally, home renovations and additions can somehow increase a home’s value. However, they should be aware that home improvements decrease in value. As a result, home owners who have invested a great deal of money for home renovations and improvements rarely get 100% of their money back when they sell the property. More often than not, many home sellers or those individuals who have sold their home and luckily obtained great profits from the sale fail to realize that the location of the real estate is one of the primary factors that contribute to the increase of the home’s value. It is not merely because of the accomplished home improvement project alone.

Choose homes for sale located in areas where well-known and prominent people live

Besides the geographical location of the house, the people living in the community are also aspects that contribute to the increase of value of real estate properties located there; take for instance, city areas where many celebrity homes are present.

True enough, convenience of services, work and goods are some of the primary reasons why many individuals and families consider homes for sale in the city as their primary choice for home; location wise. However, one should also be prepared to accept some of the disadvantages that are normally considered when living within city limits. Traffic and pollution are two of the most prominent negatives about city living. Try to be cautious and intelligent in choosing where in the city you will live – the community the offers easy access to services that meet basic human needs with fewer negatives is definitely a good choice!

People looking for homes for sale will find them available from different sources. The most common source for listings of homes for sale will be a local real estate agency. These agencies employ trained professionals who can help clients find the type of house they are looking for. The listings available through an agency will be categorized by the features they have. Among some of the classifications will be the number of bedrooms and bathrooms inside the home. The location of the home is also part of the listing as is the price.

In addition to the homes for sale available through local real estate agencies, there are also many listings found on the Internet. Some of the same agencies that sell real estate properties through their local offices also have their listings available on the web. These homes for sale come with full color photographs so people browsing through the site can also go through the gallery of photos to see what the different areas of the house look like. These photos usually include shots of the both the interior and exterior, especially if the home or property has a unique feature.

Listings of homes for sale on the Internet are also available by private sellers. More people are choosing to sell their homes without the assistance of a hired professional. This often saves the seller money they would normally pay for the professional services. The private listings of homes for sale will often be found on Internet classified websites. These websites can be local or they can be national. The listing will provide essential information about the basic features of the home and property and could also have a photo. These listings usually have limited space so the photo included is usually of the exterior of the house.

Antique Carpet

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Antique carpets are gorgeous decor as well as strong  fine art investments. They typically aren’t merely ornamental items, yet items of custom, ethniticity, and true class that go back thousands of years.

Antique carpets represent substantial array in themes and also shade harmonies as well as you’ll just shed on your own seeing the unique combinations of rich vintage shades as well as heavy elaborate weaving.

The varied range of antique carpeting items that you’ll encounter while shopping for them are mostly Oriental.
carpets and carpets that portray the mystery as well as tale of the away lands of the Orient.

Antique carpets as well as carpets are imported primarily from China, Persia, India, Afghanistan, Caucasus, and Turkey. A few of the renowned interweaving areas of such antique carpets include Kashan, Agra, as well as several other locations. Antique carpetings have a more artistic honesty, as they are exclusively hand woven. They are marketed all over the world, with customers more than ready to pay whatever they have to in order to redefine their home and embellish in style.

If you are wanting to include luster and also prestige to your office or home as well as are ready to spend a ton of money on the charming pieces of art, then you should not wait a single minute.

The initial point to do, is contact among the several reliable, well-informed, and genuine fine art dealerships as well as galleries that deal in antique carpetings as well as have profound expertise about the different elements of an excellent as well as real antique carpet. They can guide you in selecting the very best one each your budget plan and also preferences.

You’ve obtained a little work to do too. You should see a lot of dealers and also inform on your own concerning dyes, woollens, style quality, and the many designs of weaving too. Touch the carpet and also inspect them thoroughly. Beware of the equipment made artificial carpets that some dealers will tell you are antique carpetings.

Below, are some suggestions to assist you when purchasing antique carpet:

1. You have to stay cautious and thoughtful while assessing each piece of antique carpeting.

2. You’ll likewise have to try as well as comprehend the age as well as beginning of the carpet that will certainly in.
transform give you a much better insight concerning the total quality of the carpet.

3. You’ll likewise should look and see if the side and boundaries exist in the vintage carpet you mean to get, as completion as well as edge borders are occasionally lost or perhaps eliminated on purpose. Remember that the boundaries will establish the total value of your carpet.

4. Watch out for openings and also moth strikes that are both usual when handling antique carpetings. These problems have to be participated in to prior to you acquire the carpet.

5. You must always deal with dealerships that have the prices noted on the carpeting. Ascertain that your dealer sticks to that rate.


Why you need to buy a rug?

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So, why buy a carpet or a rug? Well there are lots of reasons that you need to wish to pick one as well as regardless of exactly how little you have to invest you ought to have the ability to select something up from a store or carpeting dealership as well as the variety is astonishing although you will be restricted with less costly rugs.

So let’s check out a few of the reasons you may want a rug on your flooring. Well my leading reason for making use of rugs is to conceal the wear and tear that carpetings obtain with daily use. Merely think about it, when you walk across a room you generally take the exact same path as well as this aids to wear out a carpet or leaves it dirtier compared to the bordering carpet as well as washing all the carpet only highlights what little bits of it were dirty in the first place, well at the very least I believe so.

You may additionally have a destroyed carpet or one that is most likely to obtain destroyed. The favored right here is log fires which are consistently spewing out warm cinders. A rug in front of the fire assists secure it. Eventually you will need to throw away the carpet but buying a brand-new carpet is a great deal less costly as well as less complicated than purchasing a new carpeting.

Among the various other reasons you might want a rug is to highlight a wood floor. Having a timber covered flooring is fantastic but a rug can highlight the wood and also draws the eye to the floor so people can really see just what your flooring looks like. Another reason you may desire a rug on this sort of flooring is to cut down noise which a rug is terrific for.

A rug could likewise be a focal point in a space attracting the eye to the rug and also making a statement regarding you or your tastes. On the various other hand an unappetizing rug can additionally make a statement about you as well as your fashion sense so consistently take care when picking a rug as a rug can often state a great deal even more about you than you may like.

A few other reasons for using a rug are its something great in an entryway to your house or home. Why, well carpets help to clean dirt off shoes and also the majority of carpets could be quickly cleaned up whereas cleaning up a carpeting is usually far more challenging. Rugs are more affordable to replace also.

Price could be another consider choosing to get carpets especially if you are renting out someplace. Why pay to cover an entire flooring with a fitted carpet which is not easy to take with you. Carpets can effortlessly be taken with you when you move. An additional point is that you will certainly have selected your carpet to match your furnishings so when you transfer to somewhere new your carpet still matches your furnishings. Number of knots also matters.

and you will eventually need to clean the rug/carpet:


Whatever the factor for desiring a rug, make your selection thoroughly as well as your rug will last a long period of time.

The latest trend: Antique Rugs

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Many developers as well as style publilcations are claiming antique carpets are the most popular point now in the house style market. Fancy resorts, resorts and other high end destinations are all getting on the band wagon.

Carpets which several think about a priceless investment, because of thier age and also worth, are now located in the hippest interior designs.

Why are they so valueable?

Hand woven carpets such as these are a living history, videotaping unforgettable individuals and also events. Passed down from generation to generation as household hierlooms, these antique rugs are a fundamental part of world culture. Some consider them their most treasured posessions, considering that these antique carpetings are works of art which have numerous pratical usages. Skillful artisans and developers invest hrs interweaving intricate patterns and also pictures into them. No wonder they have actually been utilized like currency for thousands of years. One of our earliest artforms, explained in writings of the ancient Egyptians and also Marco Polo. Hand interweaved carpets are made by many different societies across the globe from South The u.s.a to Asia. Although, unlike lots of fine art kinds, they have stood the examination of time, with some moring than 2 thousand years old.

A Brief Past history of Vintage Rugs from Europe

During the rule of the Muslim Moors between the 8th and also 13th centuries, Europe was introduced to rug weaving mainly with Spain. The travels of Marco Polo and Spanish embassies to Venice were primarily responsible. Both most noteworthy designs to originate from Europe are the French Savonnerie and also Aubusson designs of the 17th and also 18th centuries.

French Savonnerie, set up in Paris(1628), generated elaborate rugs primarily for use in royal residences, special order and also royal demand. Typical musicians were overseeing the manufacturing of rug orders, so their influence is very noticeable. Scenes from the Savonnerie vintage rugs portray the splendors of the age, flower garlands, naturalistic florals and also decorative concepts. Vintage carpets with charming scenes of middle ages times likewise are typical of the latter component of this era.

Vintage carpets of the Abusson design, rumored to have started in the 8th century, were formally developed in 1743, with the advent of an imperial carpet and carpet manufacturing facility. The initial productions from this factory were duplications of key Turkish and also Smyrna carpets. Additionally, styles were much less elaborate and costly than those generated in Savonnerie. Later, a brand-new style was applied right here, based off of Savonerie, to be much less distracting.

A Brief Record of Vintage Rugs from India

During the 16th century, Humayan, the kid of the initial Moghul Shah, was exiled to Persia by an Afgan rebellion ten years after the death of his papa Babur. During his nine year keep he developed a preference for Persian fine art, and also after his go back to India he brought with him two reputable Persian artists. Popular for their paintings, here these Persian musicians developed the Moghul college of painting which combined their designs with that of the Indians.

A nice Indian and Turkish touch:

Thinking about Purchasing A Turkish Carpet or Rug?

So, you are searching for an art piece to buy, however you would certainly like it to be valuable, as well. Have you taken into consideration acquiring a carpet? Top quality Turkish rugs are gorgeous, practical pieces that can really hold their appreciate. Even much better, these carpets can suit any type of spending plan. A huge, well interweaved handmade rug can set you back as long as 4 thousand bucks, while a small machine made rug may set you back just forty or fifty dollars.

Although Turkish carpets got their name considering that they were so popular in Turkey, they really are made in several places in the Middle East as well as Africa. If you make a decision to head to this area to shop for rugs, make sure you locate a respectable person to help you make your purchase. Numerous store proprietors in fact deal with local guides to sell rugs and they offer a percent of the price to the overviews. This suggests the rates are a little bit inflated.

To be sure you select the appropriate rug, you will certainly need to do a piece of investigative job. First, take a look at the carpet’s weave. If it is best, after that it is most likely not hand interweaved. A real hand woven carpet has an uneven weave, implying that there could be a mild gap between some of the knots. Much cheaper rugs that have been mass produced normally do not have edges that are completed appropriately or have short edge.

The very best Turkish carpets are made with one hundred percent woollen as well as are quite thick and glamorous. A few of the far better rugs are additionally made with a mix of wool as well as silk. On the other end of the range are rugs that are made with cotton. These carpets will certainly not put on well and do not have a great resale value. To discover whether you are checking out a woollen carpet or an affordable cotton knock off, take a close check out the fringe. Woollen rugs are woollen right to the last thread, so if the edge is cotton, the rug is not woollen.

Ultimately, don’t hesitate to hang out taking a look at what a carpet merchant needs to provide. The seller won’t be disturbed if you don’t hurry through the shop. As a matter of fact, he will certainly think about that you are taking some time to consider his items as an indicator of regard. He might also supply you a cup of tea. When you choose a rug, you don’t have to approve the very first rate the merchant supplies you. They expect individuals to think of that price as an idea and also give a counteroffer or more before the rug is actually sold.

In short, it is not surprising that these luxuriant artworks are now on western designers minds. From beauty to usefullness and also flooring covering to wall surface decoration, antique carpets are right here to remain.

Istanbul Airport Shuttle

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airport shuttle

When you’re looking to go shopping in a place like the country turkey for Turkish carpets we definitely want to think about your travel arrangements. Your travel arrangements for going to include obviously your airline ticket as well as your hotel accommodations. This is the types of details of people think about when they arrange their travel to look into good transfer service. If you travel a long ways to country like turkey and then you only arrived to find that your options are limited to overpriced shuttles as well as taxi service then you’re going to wish you had done a little research ahead of time. I highly recommend that you look into a reputable airport transfer service that can get you in a private vehicle and take you to your final destination.

airport shuttleIt’s very important that you had someone takes good care of you and doesn’t charging too much money for the service. It’s easy to be taken advantage of it when you’re in another country. It shouldn’t cost you more than US$50 to get from stumble airport to the Oldtowne. Now it’s going to cost you more money to get to other locations and some services are going charged a little bit more than that. I would miss room with the taxi just because you’re never going to find a taxi driver that speaks English. Many times they will act confident and think they know where they’re going but they really know. So get to the general area and then just start asking people how to get to the destination. This is an get a little crazy and you never know where you’re going end. Bottom line is much better to play a few extra dollars to reputable company to get you anywhere in town for a reasonable fee. Once again I’m talking about a private vehicle with your own driver and all the details arranged ahead of time. I would use the same service getting back to the airport or for any other longer transfers around town that she might need. Don’t hesitate to give a good company such as Istanbul airport shuttle call in or an email And arrange everything with them. There’s no reason for you to have to mess with the hassle and difficulties that’ll go along with trying to arrange this on your own when you arrive there. Of course you might get there and have no problem at all but the chances are not that good.

Turkish Rugs

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Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.06.04 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.06.04 PMHandmade Turkish rugs are simply incredible! There is an incredible amount of work that goes into each one of these masterpieces. It can take anywhere from a few months toward even a few years to get one of these beautiful Turkish carpets completed. The process is quite amazing and if you ever get a chance to go to Turkey and look at these beautiful pieces of art I highly recommended. This is been something that’s been done for many generations and many centuries in this part of the world. When you have a people group this been doing this kind of business and this kind of art for centuries you get pretty good at it. These rugs can lasts more than a lifetime and actually be handed down to other generations. This is an incredible gift that you can get someone if you’re ever given the opportunity. Hacking my opinion is sacred gift to give to yourself! I can remember the first time that I went into a Turkish carpet store with my wife. We really didn’t know what we were doing and we were completely at the mercy of the salespeople in the company. The salesman I have a bad reputation four not always representing the carpet accurately. This is very unfortunate some people fall victim two people with poor integrity in any business but often times in this sector as well. I highly recommend that you find the most reputable carpet shops as you can find. If you estimate people especially tour guides that you know well anybody else in tourism they can tell you ones that are most reputable. I’ve been going in and out of the carpet shops for almost a decade and I myself know most of the ones that are the most reputable places to go.

Every single Turkish carpet that is handmade is completely different. Everyone that is made it’s going to be different because it is made by hand. If you make it with a machine than you can maybe duplicate the process but every time its process is handmade is going to be slightly different. It’s really going to be a piece of art. When you invest in the Turkish carpet you’re investing in a piece of art is going to last for generations. This really is priceless and it’s hard to put a value on each one of these beautiful handmade Turkish carpets. I know people that when they go into a turkey store to buy carpet they want to try to compare prices of the same car somewhere else. This really is not possible.

When you get ready to find a Turkish carpet you really should send me email and let me know where are you going to be visiting. I know the most reputable places to go and shop for these beautiful handmade pieces of art whether is in the big city or smaller towns. Even if you’re not going to spend a lot of money it truly is an experience just to go in one of these stores, See you beautiful masterpieces, and see how they are made. You’ll definitely get a free an entertaining show at that! Be ready to withstand the strong sales pitches because they’re going to come and they’re going to come strong.